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Now daysailing adventures in the US and British Virgin Islands. 

Are you searching for the ultimate Caribbean cruising adventure? Are you a water person! Want to sail the islands at leisure? Without a schedule? Visit / snorkel beautiful beaches? Anchor away from the world with us, we do not go to four or five places a day. That is what power boats do. This is a non smoking boat with no extra charge to go sailing! This is a private boat, that means no one but you and your friends will be on it. We also operate in three countries. Spanish Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.  Whether traveling with your family or a group of friends, the dream charter vacation can be yours on board a Captained catamaran charter from Virgin Island Water Fun. This is your chance to sail, scuba dive if certified or just hang out and enjoy this fabulous area with Ray Styles a USCG licensed Captain and Brenda. We run our Catamaran like a B & B on the water! Breakfast is included. No extra charge for sailing the islands!                       



Why in the world would you stay on land, rent a jeep, rent snorkel equipment, rent a paddle board buy overpriced food, take a ferry to were you want to go , go where everyone else goes ,and not get to see one tenth of what we will show you???





           The popularity of catamarans has grown in recent years for several reasons. The multi-hull design provides a fast, smooth sailing experience with the maximum comfort and space. Special for 2016 . Private Boat no one else on board $600 per day, no children or teenagers here. Catamarans are faster than mono-hulls. Thus, you will get where you want to go in less time, allowing for more time for island exploration and water activities. Along with speed, catamarans are much more maneuverable. With engines on both sides of the vessel, you can move the catamaran around its axis, making for easier docking. In addition, the small draft allows you to anchor in shallower water or closer to the beach, thus providing you with more options to drop anchor as well as greater privacy. Catamaran charters are extremely stable. Unlike mono-hulls which tend to heel (tilt) to one side, catamarans remain level while sailing. This stability helps prevent any tendency towards seasickness and allows passengers a more enjoyable sailing experience without having to worry about maintaining their balance. Leave stress behind on our Fountaine Pajot Bahia with over 1,000 sq feet of comfort. From the moment you step on board our Catamaran, you will be amazed at both the deck and interior spaciousness. This extra room allows everyone on board to find a quiet spot for themselves. On the deck, the area between the hulls is netted. This provides for extra lounging space and is the perfect spot for Caribbean sunbathing. The spacious decks make moving around the catamaran easy because there are no cleats to stub toes. The cockpit is larger than normal with spectacular island views and enough seating space for all passengers to rest in the shade or share a meal in the fresh Caribbean air. There is a grand salon and kitchen for socializing and meals. The beautifully designed elevated main salon (well above sea level) is perfect for lounging and entertaining. With wrap around windows, it makes for a panoramic dining experience. The galley is roomy which makes on board meal preparation part of the shared fun of a bareboat catamaran charter. In regards to the sleeping accommodations, the dual hull layout allows for more privacy since salons are located in opposite corners. State salons are spacious and have their own separate head and shower. There are large fans for night with memory foam mattresses on the queen size beds, which allows for more sleeping comfort. In addition, a motorized tender hangs off the stern for use in diving, snorkeling and going ashore for evening beverages and meals. Speaking of diving I also own a Scuba Diving Boat As your exclusive dive charter operator from Coral Bay, I take you to locations away from the crowds. Pristine reefs, abundant fish life, quiet coves and uninhabited islands are easily accessible when you explore the east end of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. Whether you are looking for the perfect party boat with a group of friends or a safe cruising experience with family members of all ages, a captained catamaran charter is the ideal answer to your sun-filled Caribbean vacation. Special for 2020 of $600 per day even if you do not want to spend the night. Cheap ways to get to the Caribbean: Our friends have been catching flights into St Thomas at a reasonable price. Airfare into Tortola is often too expensive and the flights in and out are very unreliable. Many times flights leaving have been cancelled but I will pick you up at either airport. You will not need a passport to come to the USVI but if you want to dive the Wreck of the Rhone or go to the beach bars you often hear about (Foxy's, Willy T, Soggy Dollar, Cooper Island Beach Club etc.) we will have to clear into the British VI. You will need a passport to do that and the total cost for everyone is about $75 each for four days and for three nights( it is never the same) A place to stay, travel the islands, swim, snorkel, walk the beach's, private Fountaine Pajot Catamaran.  Other web sites:  St John Dive   American Sailing Asso. If I am not out on a charter and you are going to be on St John, Tortola, Virgin Gorda ect. ask about day sailing with us. Come stay with us if you are a water person! PS If I am out of the country sailing I will be a little slow answering reservation request and questions. AirBNB does not care and will tell you I am booked when I am not!



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